Experience: 15 years

EducationHigher philological
Izhevsk Pedagogical School
Department of Preschool Education
Kindergarten teacher with the right to teach German
Udmurt State University (Izhevsk)
Department of Romano-Germanic philology
Philologist, English and German teacher, Translator

I have always been incredibly interested in finding relationships between Russian language and the foreign languages (in my case, English and German), making parallels in grammar, learning the etymology (origin) of a word, learning the features of phonetics ... and I could probably plunge into science, if it were not for my great desire to pass this knowledge to others. For over 15 years I have been doing what I really love — teaching English and German.

I know an easy way to explain the complex grammar rules, how to memorize the new words, and, most importantly, how to overcome your inner fear and start speaking ...

I especially enjoy teaching adults who are starting to learn a foreign language from the beginning.

At the first lesson they will make sure that they are starting English NOT from the ground up. Why? I would be happy to tell you about this at the first lesson. Welcome!